• NW_650______2_1__4d7109bd934c2.jpg

    NW 650 - Ø 2 1/2''

    368,90 €

    - Standard 2 1/2" connections - Average yield at Ð P 0.2 bar = 25 m3/hour - Possibility to transform into TE model (for water treatment).

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  • Ref_39_NW50_62_7_4d2386434e56b.jpg

    Ref 39 NW50/62/75 Clamp

    107,62 €

    Ref 39 NW50/62/75 Clamp

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  • NW_25_25_microns_4d2331eccb199.jpg

    NW 25 & TIO-UV - 25 microns.

    14,12 €

    NW 25-25 microns Cinropur Filter Sleeves come in packs of 5. To order, please choose from the list.

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  • Universal_Cartri_4d2218aeb57d4.jpg

    Universal Cartridge

    43,20 €


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  • DUO_NW_25___CTN__4d4ed7a041f56.jpg

    DUO NW 25 - CTN ( NEW )

    184,45 €

    Combination of NW25 filter with 25 micron bag + NW25 TE filter for activated carbon - Application: dual-function, filtration 25 micron and activated carbon treatment.

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  • LP_2_4d1a782c8df39.jpg

    LP 2

    297,50 €

    Little Plumber LP 2 Treats 5+ bedroom house* Removes existing lime scale, Prevents new lime scale forming, Easy to install, Protects appliances, Two aerials treats 2 water pipes, treats pipes up to 50 mms diameter.

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  • NW_18_25_microns_4d23012c8c084.jpg

    NW 18-25 microns

    8,37 €

    NW 18-25 microns Cinropur Filter Sleeves come in packs of 5. To order, please choose from the list.

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  • NW_18__________5040caed5e78b.jpg

    NW 18 - Ø ¾"

    72,59 €

    - Standard 3/4" connections. - Average yield: at Ð P 0.2 bar = 3.5 m3/hour. - Transparent hood for visual inspection. - Supplied with 2 complete connections, 1 dismounting key, 1 filter fabric 25 micron. - Temperature resistance: 50°C continuous.

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The Irisell Ltd was established in 2009 as a General Trade Firm specializing on water treatment solutions by people having more than 20 years of qualified experience in the trading and water treatment sector. Our operations field is in the eastern Mediterranean region and our main distribution center is situated in Nicosia-Cyprus, and we Distrubutors of Company's (Cintropur / Cintropur UV / Cintroclear /LP'S Little Plumber's / Nero® Water Dispenser's).


What is a Little Plumber Electronic Water Softener ?

Little Plumber is a compact, computerised electronic water softener which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale forming and save you money from the moment it is installed. Your water will also feel softer so no need for a traditional water softener.


Cintropur® water filters are intended for domestic and industrial water system filtration, as well as rain, spring or well water recovery and treatment. They are also suitable for watering and irrigation.
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Cintropur® performs either a mechanical filtration of particles, a chemical filtration through activated carbon absorption, or sterilizes water by ultraviolet radiation of UV-C type.
Cintroclear® purifiers filter drinking water without unnecessarily wasting any of the precious resource. Many accessories and spare parts are available from your distributors.


Nero® Water Dispenser Precise Temperature
Nero Ozone® Water Dispenser with Ozone


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